How much does it cost?

That is a hard question to answer. There are Pack and BSA national dues. Currently (2022), national dues are around $70 (prorated after the start of the year) for the year with a $25 new application fee. Pack dues are around $100. Pack 29 does fund raisers through the year (popcorn in the Fall and camp card (discount cards) in the Spring). Sales go toward your scout's national and pack dues. The goal is for your scout to raise enough money during the fund rising in order not to pay out of pocket. There are also expense around cub scout uniforms. The pack does have a uniform closet to help with this expense. Please click here to learn more about the uniform. We don't want expense to be a roadblock to be a part of scouting. We offer scholarships. Let the cubmaster know and we can get an easy application out to you.

What are the parents expected to do?

Cub scouting is a family event. Parent(s)/guardians are expected to be a part of den and pack meetings. As a parent of guardian you are expected to have a role in the events. Being a part can be as simple as being there for your scout and helping as needed. Cub Scouts is not a drop off organization.

What kind of help can I provide to the den/pack?

It depends on how much you want to help. The pack needs help for all of the events. If everyone pitches in a little then it makes it better for everyone. We need den leaders. We need committee members. We need help with events. We need Pack activities. We need help teaching scouts on their adventures. There is plenty to do and most are very ease and don't take much time. Please look at the den position page located here.

When and where do you meet?

We meet as a pack (all the scouts and parents) once a month, usually the second Friday of each month at the AUMC Epworth center. Dens usually meet as a group once or twice a month on days/times/locations that works best for the group. Attendance is not mandatory and adventures can be completed at home with help from a parent.

What does Pack 29 usually do?

We have an active scouting calendar. We start the year in August with our recruiting event. In the past we called this event Survivor. We have fishing events, Fall Family camp, rockets, Christmas party, service projects, pinewood derby workshop &races, Spring family camp, blue and gold and the AOL cross over. We meet in the summer but it is more laid back. Field day event in the neighborhoods and a Biscuits game in Montgomery is what we have done in the past.