Den 10 Info for First Meetings

posted Aug 28, 2015, 1:32 PM by Chris O'Gwynn   [ updated Aug 28, 2015, 1:34 PM by Cubmaster Pack 29 ]

As a reminder the first pack meeting is Friday, September 11. I was reminded by pack leadership to make sure all scouts have uniforms up to date and have bear neckerchiefs, slides and hats.

The old belt loop stuff is still on Scout Track and I am told you can still put in belt loop requirements and they will order old belt loops as long as they are in stock. This is going to switch over around the first pack meeting and we will no longer be able to get the old belt loops. Please get it all in ASAP.


At this point it appears that there are sports conflicts from Sunday-Thursday this Fall. This leaves us little choice but to have a few Friday night meetings. I am hoping no more than 2 and we may try to get more in after sports are done. Our first Den meeting will be Friday, September 18 at 5:30 pm in the AUMC conference room. I will not make this go more than an hour. The Auburn HS game starts at 7 so hopefully not much interference there. We will go over some business before we start on activities so if you are a few minutes late it's no big deal.

Please find attached the updated scout oath and scout law. This is now consistent with the rest of Boy Scouts. This sheet will go to new members but try to make sure your scouts can say the new stuff and go over all stuff as well to be ready to lead at the first meeting.

As a warning, the first achievement at meeting 1 involves knife safety and earning the privilege of carrying a knife at scout events. That DOES NOT mean that your scout has to own a knife and they CAN loose it for not practicing good knife safety. But I will show examples of knives and we will go over safety and take a quiz on it. If you have a knife feel free to bring it. For the take home they have to do 2 carvings out of soap using their knife.

Please also have your scout complete the requirements for the Cyber Chip before the first den meeting. Below is a link to what needs to be done and it should only take a few minutes.


I would highly recommend getting a copy of the new Bear Handbook. Much has changed. There are 6 achievements that we have to complete as a den along with one elective. Much of this, particularly the electives, require much more work than previously. The scouts do get a belt loop for finishing each achievement and each elective. I see no reason why we couldn't get multiple electives in. We will discuss at an early meeting and see what are options are. Advancement and achievements are focused more now on being done as a group and less on doing on your own.

The second achievement involves significant outdoor activities: planning a camping trip and meals, helping cook meals on a camp out, setting up a tent on your own, knot tying, etc. We will probably put this off until the weather gets a little cooler and do a camp out as a den. This has to be separate than the fall family camp. I'm looking into some options for where we can do this. Something like this would obviously take the place of a regular meeting.

Some of the other activities involve planning and going on a hike, lots of building stuff, and lots of activities as a den. Much of the material I noticed involves the scouts working together. There is still some home work but we should be able to get a lot done at meetings.

If you have any questions, other than those that involve complaints about the schedule, please let me know. I appreciate all of your help.

Cubmaster Pack 29,
Aug 28, 2015, 1:34 PM