Den 10 News 10/1/15

posted Oct 1, 2015, 11:55 AM by Chris O'Gwynn   [ updated Oct 20, 2015, 11:35 AM by Cubmaster Pack 29 ]

Just a reminder that the next Pack 29 meeting is tomorrow night at 6 pm. We do not have any chores assigned to the den tomorrow night.

It looks like the November pack meeting is going to be moved to November 13, the night before we beat UGA in football. Keep an eye out for that change. For the record I did NOT vote for this.

This Sunday, October 4 at 2:30 pm a representative from the Council will be at AUMC with different types of robots to display and let the scouts interact with (I assume nothing large scale but they will be able to touch). The Webelos den and the other bear den will be there as well. This is part of the Robotics Elective and would be a good start to kick that off. We will be meeting in the same big room at AUMC where pack meetings are held and it should not last very long.

Den 4 is also in contact with the forensics instructor from Opelika HS to help them with the Forensics Elective and will piggy back on that when I get more info.

I approached Bear Den 4 about one of the required achievements called Grin and Bear it. One of the requirements is to put on a Scout Carnival, play games, etc. Matt has agreed to allow us to put this on after the November pack meeting. Each den is going to come up with 4 carnival type games, prizes, etc. There are some examples starting on page 90 of the handbook or we can come up with our on. Nothing fancy but we will need to work as a den to get these together and have scouts and parents man the games.

Last, our den camp out has been squashed. Some rule in scouts that you can't camp as a den until you are Webelos. But the fall family camp will count for several of the requirements including the overnighter. The rest of the requirements we may just do this on whatever night we would have agreed to do the camp out. So next den meeting we will discuss this in more detail and pick a night.

Don't forget to be working on soap carvings and the Duty to God Achievement.