Den 10 News

Den 10 News 10/20/15

posted Oct 20, 2015, 11:33 AM by Chris O'Gwynn   [ updated Oct 20, 2015, 11:34 AM by Cubmaster Pack 29 ]

Den 10,

We have a very busy schedule coming up between now and the end of the year. To make it easier I am now using the calendar function on Scout Track. It's towards the bottom of the screen. Just select "View Your Calendar." All dates and info will be on the calendar including Pack activities. This should also auto generate reminders to you. I will still continue to send out emails as needed and copy you with all meeting handouts. This info will also go on the Den 10 website. The agenda for meeting 2 is attached.

If your scout has missed any den meetings please check the agendas to see what was missed and let me know that they have completed them at home. If you are not attending family camp this weekend you will need to do an overnight camp out to complete the achievement.

As always, please continue to check emails from the Pack leadership for pack related activities and announcements.

Several important dates are coming up:

Saturday 11/7 3-6 pm: Outdoor event. We are going to do this in my backyard. I will send out directions closer to time. We will complete the Bear Necessities achievement and work on parts of the Fur, Feathers, and Ferns achievement and perhaps an elective. We will cook the meal that the scouts came up with at our last den meeting as well. This is an away AU game and is really our best option to knock this out this year. I will need as much parent help as possible on this one.

Thursday 11/12 6-7 pm: We are going to meet at AUMC to do a practice setup and go over duties for the carnival that Den 10 and Den 4 are putting on at the 11/13 pack meeting. This is part of the Grin and Bear It achievement. Dru is helping us with some games from AUMC but if anyone else has something that might work as a carnival type game let me know ASAP and we can get it in.

Friday 11/13 6:7:30 pm: Pack meeting. Den 10 and Den 4 will be putting on a "carnival" along with Den 4. We will need 3-5 carnival type games. Scouts will be running the games with parents assistance. Please save any Halloween candy or let me know if you have anything else that might work as prizes. Towards the end of the meeting Matt will release the pack to go do the carnival. This is part of the Grin and Bear It achievement and will be difficult to make up so please make sure you can attend if at all possible.

Wednesday 12/2 5-6 pm: Den will visit the AU Museum of Natural History. We have a one hour time slot so this should not take long. It is a requirement for the Fur, Feathers, and Ferns achievement as well as an elective and the Nova Science Award. A link is below with info and directions.

Sunday 12/6 2-4 pm: Den 10 meeting at AUMC. This will be our final den meeting of the year and we will try and wrap up several achievements and electives.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Den 10 News 10/1/15

posted Oct 1, 2015, 11:55 AM by Chris O'Gwynn   [ updated Oct 20, 2015, 11:35 AM by Cubmaster Pack 29 ]


Just a reminder that the next Pack 29 meeting is tomorrow night at 6 pm. We do not have any chores assigned to the den tomorrow night.

It looks like the November pack meeting is going to be moved to November 13, the night before we beat UGA in football. Keep an eye out for that change. For the record I did NOT vote for this.

This Sunday, October 4 at 2:30 pm a representative from the Council will be at AUMC with different types of robots to display and let the scouts interact with (I assume nothing large scale but they will be able to touch). The Webelos den and the other bear den will be there as well. This is part of the Robotics Elective and would be a good start to kick that off. We will be meeting in the same big room at AUMC where pack meetings are held and it should not last very long.

Den 4 is also in contact with the forensics instructor from Opelika HS to help them with the Forensics Elective and will piggy back on that when I get more info.

I approached Bear Den 4 about one of the required achievements called Grin and Bear it. One of the requirements is to put on a Scout Carnival, play games, etc. Matt has agreed to allow us to put this on after the November pack meeting. Each den is going to come up with 4 carnival type games, prizes, etc. There are some examples starting on page 90 of the handbook or we can come up with our on. Nothing fancy but we will need to work as a den to get these together and have scouts and parents man the games.

Last, our den camp out has been squashed. Some rule in scouts that you can't camp as a den until you are Webelos. But the fall family camp will count for several of the requirements including the overnighter. The rest of the requirements we may just do this on whatever night we would have agreed to do the camp out. So next den meeting we will discuss this in more detail and pick a night.

Don't forget to be working on soap carvings and the Duty to God Achievement.

Den 10 News 9/21/15

posted Sep 21, 2015, 12:48 PM by Chris O'Gwynn   [ updated Oct 20, 2015, 11:35 AM by Cubmaster Pack 29 ]


Welcome to the new scouts Ben and Britton and farewell to our good buddy Chaz who has decided to take a year off from scouts.

The agenda for last Friday's Den 10 meeting is attached. Parents of scouts that did not attend please go over the new Scout Oath and Scout Law that I sent a few weeks ago. Ask your scouts about each part of the scout law and what it means to them. Incorporating the scout law into our activities is important. Please also work on Adventure 1 – Bear Claws and go over the different knives and knife safety. Let me know when you have completed so I can add to Scout Track. Scouts will also need to do two soap carvings and bring to the next den meeting. There are plenty of examples and templates online.

  • As a family work on Adventure 2 – Fellowship and Duty to God. Scouts encourages this to be done at home. Please let me know when you have completed this so I can mark it down.
  • Complete the Cyber Chip requirements. Print certificate and bring to den leader at the next meeting.
  • Parents please read the Youth Protection booklet at the front of the Bear Handbook.
  • The Cyber Chip and complete of the Youth Protection are required for advancement.

  • Friday October 16 at 5:30 pm.
  • Scouts should be prepared to discuss the service project as mentioned in the attached handout. Parents if you have ideas please talk with them and have them write down a rough plan. We will decide as a group.
  • Be prepared to discuss Adventure 3 – Bear Necessities. Be prepared to discuss items and equipment to take on a camping trip and what menu items to fix. We will also need to decide on a camping location and date. 11/7 or 11/20 have been proposed.

Watch for Pack 29 news from Matt.

Den 10 Meeting 9/18/16

posted Sep 17, 2015, 1:17 PM by Chris O'Gwynn   [ updated Sep 17, 2015, 1:17 PM by Cubmaster Pack 29 ]

This is a reminder that the next Den 10 meeting is scheduled for tomorrow night September 18 at 5:30 in the AUMC conference room. This meeting should go about an hour. Please review the Bobcat requirements sheet I sent out in my last email with the new scout oath and scout law.

Tomorrow night's activity covers knife use and safety. Scouts are not yet allowed to carry a knife but if they have one, or a parent has one, please feel to bring it. But the parent needs to carry. If you have a knife that is of some importance (belonged to a grandparent for example) the scout can tell about it. Part of this goes to showing respect for the knife and keeping them in good condition. Once the use of a knife is allowed they will only be allowed to carry and at certain scout functions. Any misuse and the privilege will be taken away.

We will be discussing upcoming activities, including a den camping outing and service project, so please make sure to attend. If you have questions please let me know.

Last, if your scout is not participating this year please let me know ASAP so he can be removed from the Pack 29 roster.

Remember to check the Den 10 website for all emails and info.

Den 10 Info for First Meetings

posted Aug 28, 2015, 1:32 PM by Chris O'Gwynn   [ updated Aug 28, 2015, 1:34 PM by Cubmaster Pack 29 ]


As a reminder the first pack meeting is Friday, September 11. I was reminded by pack leadership to make sure all scouts have uniforms up to date and have bear neckerchiefs, slides and hats.

The old belt loop stuff is still on Scout Track and I am told you can still put in belt loop requirements and they will order old belt loops as long as they are in stock. This is going to switch over around the first pack meeting and we will no longer be able to get the old belt loops. Please get it all in ASAP.


At this point it appears that there are sports conflicts from Sunday-Thursday this Fall. This leaves us little choice but to have a few Friday night meetings. I am hoping no more than 2 and we may try to get more in after sports are done. Our first Den meeting will be Friday, September 18 at 5:30 pm in the AUMC conference room. I will not make this go more than an hour. The Auburn HS game starts at 7 so hopefully not much interference there. We will go over some business before we start on activities so if you are a few minutes late it's no big deal.

Please find attached the updated scout oath and scout law. This is now consistent with the rest of Boy Scouts. This sheet will go to new members but try to make sure your scouts can say the new stuff and go over all stuff as well to be ready to lead at the first meeting.

As a warning, the first achievement at meeting 1 involves knife safety and earning the privilege of carrying a knife at scout events. That DOES NOT mean that your scout has to own a knife and they CAN loose it for not practicing good knife safety. But I will show examples of knives and we will go over safety and take a quiz on it. If you have a knife feel free to bring it. For the take home they have to do 2 carvings out of soap using their knife.

Please also have your scout complete the requirements for the Cyber Chip before the first den meeting. Below is a link to what needs to be done and it should only take a few minutes.


I would highly recommend getting a copy of the new Bear Handbook. Much has changed. There are 6 achievements that we have to complete as a den along with one elective. Much of this, particularly the electives, require much more work than previously. The scouts do get a belt loop for finishing each achievement and each elective. I see no reason why we couldn't get multiple electives in. We will discuss at an early meeting and see what are options are. Advancement and achievements are focused more now on being done as a group and less on doing on your own.

The second achievement involves significant outdoor activities: planning a camping trip and meals, helping cook meals on a camp out, setting up a tent on your own, knot tying, etc. We will probably put this off until the weather gets a little cooler and do a camp out as a den. This has to be separate than the fall family camp. I'm looking into some options for where we can do this. Something like this would obviously take the place of a regular meeting.

Some of the other activities involve planning and going on a hike, lots of building stuff, and lots of activities as a den. Much of the material I noticed involves the scouts working together. There is still some home work but we should be able to get a lot done at meetings.

If you have any questions, other than those that involve complaints about the schedule, please let me know. I appreciate all of your help.


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