Welcome to Pack 29 Community Service

posted Aug 4, 2012, 7:25 PM by Mary Williams   [ updated Aug 13, 2012, 7:43 AM ]

Welcome to Pack 29!  We are expecting another great year in scouting.  As always there are lots of activities to participate in through school, sports, and scouting.  Since scouting means doing, we will be doing more to give back to community.   There are several ways we will be accomplishing this: monthly collections, work days, and a year-long change drive.

The year-long change drive will benefit Big House (http://www.ourbighouse.org/).  Big House is an organization dedicated to meeting the needs and improving the quality of life for children in foster care.  They do this through the clothes closet, birthday club, swimsuit & towel drive and many other activities that support children in foster care.

Monthly collections will benefit Big House as well as other charities that help improve the lives of children. We will collect for:

AUMC Food Pantry (http://www.aumc.net/Ministries/CommunityOutreach/AUMCFoodPantry.aspx)

Spirit Lake Ministries (http://www.spiritlakeministrycenter.org/)

Toy for Tots (http://m.toysfortots.org/mobile/default.html)

Big House (http://www.ourbighouse.org )


      We will also be adding work days to our schedule this year.  There will be multiple opportunities to help throughout the year to help accommodate our busy schedules.  So far this year we have:

      August 6 (5:30-7)  We will meet at AUMC and help clean the grounds.

      September 29 (9-11)  We will meet at Chewacla and clean and maintain some area.

There will be at least 3 additional dates which will be posted as soon as I have more information.

August – Food (AUMC Food Pantry)

September – New and Gently Used Clothes (Big House)

October – Wish list items (Storybook Farms)

November – Shoeboxes (Spirit Lake Ministries)

December - New Toys (Toys for Tots)

January – Food (AUMC Food Pantry)

February - New and Gently Used Clothes (Big House)

March – Towels and bathing suits {new} (Big House)

April – Towels and bathing suits {new} (Big House)

May – Towels and bathing suits {new} (Big House)


Change drive to benefit Big House – Goal $250.00

We will also have 2 work days in the spring at times to be determined.  Information will be posted here.