Friends of Scouting


Friends of Scouting is a voluntary program whose purpose is to encourage the support of the Scouting Program by Scouting Families by asking them to share in the cost of the program that serves their youth. As volunteers in the Scouting Program, we invest our time to make the program successful. But there are things that volunteers can’t do, that still must be done. Scouting Dollars pay for the things volunteers can’t do:
  • Training for adult volunteers
  • Leadership training and advancement programs
  • New unit organization
  • Recruiting activities
  • Program publications
  • Communications
  • Maintenance of our Scout Camps
  • Program Materials
  • Records processing
  • Clerical Staff
  • Scout service center including telephone and office equipment
  • Other related costs to support the entire program


The Chattahoochee Council’s Operating Budget must be funded by donations. The council is a United Way Agency, and they support BSA by providing a portion of the council's operating budget. Friends of Scouting, including the Community and Family Campaign, provides the largest part of the council's operating budget. None of the annual re-charter fees or pack dues we pay go to support our Council. That is why we have this campaign each year.

There are at least three reasons why each of us should participate in Friends of Scouting:

  • Because we believe in the ideas and ideals of Scouting
  • Because Scouting has impacted OUR sons in a positive manner
  • Because this will ensure that the Boy Scouts will survive in the future


It costs around $300 per scout to fund the council's operating budget. Any amount of money that your family can pledge will help fund the council's operations so that a quality scouting program can continue to be offered.  Payments can be made in installments. BSA will send periodic invoices, based on how you mark your pledge card. A volunteer from our district will be at our February Pack Meeting to discuss Friends of Scouting and give you the opportunity to pledge support for this worthy cause.  Please consider supporting this campaign in some way!  Pack 29, as such a large pack, can make a big difference in this campaign.