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Popcorn Pickup Friday November 13!

posted Nov 9, 2015, 1:55 PM by Cubmaster Pack 29   [ updated Nov 9, 2015, 2:04 PM ]

Popcorn Pickup this Friday in the Youth Center at AUMC.  This is the same location as the new member meeting and popcorn pickup of recent years.  It's near where we normally meet for meetings, but closer to the parking lot (and to the right).

When you arrive, you'll find your popcorn ready for you (thanks to a great group of volunteers).  Then, you will do the following:
  1. You'll need to verify that the order is correct.
  2. Sign Picking Slip stating you received the popcorn.
  3. Leave check for the value of popcorn taken (used for collateral only - will not be cashed unless you leave town)  OR you may pay for the popcorn if you already have money. 
You will need to pickup your popcorn between 3:30pm - 6pm.  Popcorn won't be available during the pack meeting.

We need some volunteers to help us divide up the orders.  We will need people from 1:00-2:30.  The more people who help the less time it will take.
If you can please sign up to help below.