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Sign up for Spring Family Camping is up

posted Apr 12, 2021, 3:25 PM by Cubmaster Pack 29

The spring trip signup is LIVE. We are camping at Spring Villa Campground April 24-April 25. We are staying over Saturday night. This is a family campout event. Families are required (exception can be made) to stay with their scout. If you cannot stay the night, come out and enjoy the day. We will have den and Pack activities through out the day along with the AOL crossover ceremony Saturday night. Please use the link to let us know if you are coming.
Signup ends Thursday 4/22 at noon.

Pinewood derby Weigh in and race

posted Mar 23, 2021, 6:11 PM by Cubmaster Pack 29   [ updated Mar 23, 2021, 6:11 PM ]

OK-what would a Pack 29 event be this year without the threat of rain?
We are planning on having the pinewood derby rain or shine at Spring Villa campgrounds (1474 Co Rd 148, Opelika, AL 36804).  Bring some camp chairs.  This will be a social distance event (masks, space, etc.) will be enforced.  This event is also outside but we will have access to campground bathrooms.  There are a few different ways to get there.  One way is going out past the Lazy Bee on Moores Mill or Marvin's Parkway off the interstate the exit past Tiger Town going north
Here are key times:
Weight in event at the AUMC Annex parking lot area (where the popcorn payment/pickup was on Friday starting at 5:15 and ending at 6:15.  We will not have a test track time on Friday.
Families can come out around 11 am to see if the track is up to test run, but to no guarantee. 
Racing by den is below.  Attached are the rules for the derby.
There were some questions about the District PW derby this Saturday as well.  That is not our race, but scouts can go to that one.  It costs $5 and I don't think there are trophies for dens but are trophies for overall 1,2,3.  We will have those at our race and it is free.
We will keep an eye out on the weather, but we are leaning toward racing no matter what.  If you can help, that would be great but I also know that it fun to watch the scouts and racing.  Please stay in touch with your den leader for changes (rainout).
Let me know if there are any questions. 



11-12:45 Weigh-in, final practice runs, and registration


1:00 pm AOL races

(must be checked in by 12:50)


1:35 WEBELOS races

(must be checked in by 1:25)


2:15 BEAR races

(must be checked in by 2:05)


2:55 WOLF, Tiger and Lion races

 (must be checked in by 2:45)


3:15 OUTLAW races

For siblings, family members, and leaders.

There are no rules!

Trophies are not awarded in this category.


3:45 Pack Championship Race


4:00 – Awards


4:15 – Clean-Up

Reminder-Pinewood derby workshop this Saturday

posted Mar 18, 2021, 3:20 PM by Cubmaster Pack 29

We are having our pinewood derby workshop this Saturday from 1-3:30 at the Epworth center parking area.  This is where we built rockets in November, not where we launched them (the parking area for pre-COVID pack meetings).  We will have the tools and some knowledge and you bring the design and sprit of learning.
If you have any questions, reach out to your den leader or

2021 Local Business Discount Cards Available

posted Mar 11, 2021, 6:45 PM by Cubmaster Pack 29

We have a limited number of discount cards available to sell as a Pack fund raiser.  Cards are $10 and all sales count towards 2021-2022 popcorn sales/opt out money.  If interested reach out to

2021 Remaining Schedule

posted Mar 11, 2021, 3:50 PM by Cubmaster Pack 29

OK-we have dates for most of the remaining Pack activities. All Pack activities will follow state, local and Charter Org COVID protocols. If you want to help with any of the below items, please let Jimmy C, Billy W, Ryan S, your den leader know. We can always use extra help.
Pinewood Derby workshop Saturday March 20 1:00-3:30.  This outside event is to get your scouts pinewood derby car from a block of wood to something that resembles are racing vehicle.  Most scouts are able to take their block to almost finished piece.  The only thing that wont be completed is the paint and the wheel/axle prep work.  Come with a design and we will have ban saws and sanders to help you get almost there.
Pinewood derby outside race Saturday March 27 1:00-4:00 pm Spring Villa Campground.  A more detailed schedule will be posted later but this is where all of the hard work of the scouts is put on display.  Parents and siblings can also build and there will be the OUTLAW race where there are no rules (except make the race safe).
Arrow of Light crossover (AOL den only)- April 10th-location TBD
Spring Camping Trip-April 24-25 Spring Villa campground.  This is a family overnighter.
End of year outdoor celebration May 15-this is where we close out this crazy Covid scouting year. 

Geocache Event This Saturday Kreher Preserve & Nature Center starting @ 2 pm

posted Feb 1, 2021, 5:45 PM by Cubmaster Pack 29

 Our next PACK event will be Feb 6th at Kreher Preserve & Nature Center starting at 2 pm.  This event will be a social distance geocache event and will be rain or shine.  Looks to be rain, so come prepared.  There will be lots of fun, no matter the weather.  We will have pinewood derby cars to hand out to families, popcorn prizes and awards earned so far by the scouts.  We will be in the parking lot and hand out the locations for families or dens to go together.  Download your geocache app, bring your full charged phone and lets have fun.

Update on upcoming events

posted Jan 20, 2021, 6:06 PM by Cubmaster Pack 29

We had to alter some of the upcoming events due to the spike in COVID cases, request from Auburn City Schools to limit extra curricular activities, AUMC not open and some guidance from local scouting units. The pinewood derby workshop and race have been pushed out to mid to late March. The next event will be an outdoor event (geocache) Feb 6 with the location and time TBD. This will be a social distance event.
We are finalizing the spring trip. Most locations are still limiting space and activities. With that being said, we are going to have a family campout for the Pack 29 spring trip in the Auburn/Opelika area with date TBD.
Your den leader will be reaching out to you about upcoming den events. They will have your pinewood derby cars. Extra cars can be purchased for $5. There is the Outlaw race where the only rule is that there are no rules. This is an opportunity for the parents or siblings to build a car and race for fun. Past Pack members are welcome to come and race too. Your den leadership will also have your scouts prize for selling popcorn. Most of the prizes were handed out at the drive in movie in December but there is a few items that were not handed out.

Holiday Party Dec 12 5:30 @ back parking lot of Adventure Sports off of Glen

posted Dec 9, 2020, 3:06 PM by Cubmaster Pack 29

The Pack 29 holiday event is confirmed. There were a lot of moving parts but we are having a drive in movie with a senior/meals on wheels item drive.
COVID precautions: Please stay in your car for the movie. We will bring your food to your car. We will pick up the donated items from your car. There is a bathroom that we can use in Adventure Sports but children must be accompanied by an adult.
What: Drive-in move (Down and Derby), pizza dinner and item drive
When Saturday December 12 at 5:30 pm
Where: Adventure Sports BACK parking lot. (747 E Glenn Ave.) Use the side access driveways to get to the back parking.
Movie: Down and Derby. Movie details can be found googling the movie
Details: Bring some new items (cozy socks, small hand sanitizer bottles, small Kleenex packets, etc.) for senior citizen care packages. We are partnering wit Salvation Army to provide items for them to deliver to recipients of Meals on Wheels.
Let us know that you are coming by Friday 12/11 7 pm using this link

POPCORN Pick up moved to Dec.

posted Nov 20, 2020, 10:15 AM by Cubmaster Pack 29

The popcorn pick up is moved out to the start of December. The council order was back ordered and that affected the ship date from Campmaster. If your scout has popcorn coming in, please check your email for details.

Make up Rocket Launch sign up

posted Nov 18, 2020, 6:26 AM by Cubmaster Pack 29   [ updated Nov 18, 2020, 7:48 AM ]

The sign up for the makeup rocket launch is set for Sunday November 22 starting at 1:00 in 30 minute blocks.   The sign up is here.  If you missed the rocket build, NO WORRIES! We will have made rockets that you can use and still have a BLAST (get it rockets-blast-fun . .  .)

We are asking one parent to be the lead to help the volunteers with the scouts.  We have eight spots to launch per 30 minute block.  Please arrive at the start of your time block.  There is some safety items that need to be covered.  

See you there.

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